Acoustic Yin Yoga & Raw Food Weekend Retreat - Otaki New Zealand

15 - 17 March 2019

From - $465

Join us for a weekend of bliss, restoration, nourishment and fun :-).

It will be a perfect opportunity to get away, spend time in connection to your body and self, deepen the yoga practice and connect with nature. 

The intention is to stretch, open and restore the body even deeper than we get chance during our daily practice in the studio. We spend so much of our lives rushing and being busy in our minds and days. This weekend will be a perfect opportunity to just reverse the busyness, to slow down, be still and quiet so you can go back to your life with more vigor more energy and contentment.  

We will start on Friday with a yin practice followed by dinner. On Saturday we will have two 1.5 hours long yin yoga practice with some free time in between. On Sunday we will start our day with yin yoga practice and finish with a lunch so you have all time to get to your families in reasonable times.

One of the reasons that we experience so much fatigue is that the senses are just overwhelmed with too many stimuli. The more we can turn our awareness inward, turn the senses internally, the more they are replenished and rejuvenated. That internalization of attention is also the bridge to the healing power of yoga” Rod Stryker

The Venue

Waihōanga River Lodge & Retreat is located on New Zealand’s Kapiti coast, just an hour’s drive from Wellington and Palmerston North. Set on the Otaki river, below the Tararua Range, just a wonderful environment to reconnect with nature and simply relax.


What Is Yin

Yin Yoga combines a meditative approach with a physical focus which allows participants to relax and rejuvenate both the mind and the body. Holding Yin postures stimulate connective tissue and fascia which increases blood flow, vitality and flexibility for the whole body. 

As a person ages, flexibility in the joints can decrease,  Yin Yoga is a wonderful way to  strengthen and maintain that flexibility in both mind and body.

The intimate practice of Yin Yoga often uncovers, sensations, emotions and feelings that may go unnoticed or unchecked in the fast paced life that people often live. This practice is often used in programs that deal with addictions, eating disorders, anxiety and the healing of deep pain or trauma. Many students of Yin Yoga notice immediate benefits like, greater overall flexibility, a more relaxed body and mind and feelings of connectedness that they may have not felt before.

All levels and knowledge of Yin Yoga are welcome. 

Some benefits of regularly practicing Yin Yoga are:

  • Calming and balancing of the mind and body

  • Increases overall mobility 

  • Lowering of overall stress levels 

  • Greater stamina, both physically and mentally

  • Better lubrication, flexibility and protection of joints

  • Strengthens connective tissue 

  • Releases fascia, promoting overall healing 

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Increases the ability to meditate

Practicing Yin Yoga regularly will increase overall wellbeing, complimenting a holistic approach to life that creates balance, connection and abundance. 

All yoga will be provided with a acoustic music for a deeper and more healing experience!


The Food

During the weekend all food will be provided which will be all plant based and highly living (raw) food provided, but if you have any food allergies, please let me know. 

The diet is designed to renew cells and give new life to your organs and vital energy to the skin cells. Restore your bodies after stress, eating improperly, and from the toxic city life. The food will be all plan based highly Raw Nourishing meals. 

Natural foods rejuvenate mind & body connection, promote emotional stability and happiness.

As our body begins to feel healthier, our sense of wellbeing and vitality increases.


The Music

The Research: Music as Medicine

First, music can be used to relieve pain in patients. For example, surgery patients at the Cleveland Clinic that listened to recorded music saw a 4x decrease in post-surgical pain. Music has also been shown to reduce the amount of anesthesia needed during operations. 

Second, music can be used to relieve stress and anxiety. Calming music decreases blood pressure, steadies the heart rate, and eases stress. Research has shown that music can reduce stress for patients undergoing surgeries and colonoscopies, for children undergoing medical procedures, and for patients with coronary heart disease. 

There is also preliminary evidence showing that listening to music can boost immune system function by decreasing stress hormones and increasing growth hormones. These changes should prime the body to be in a better state for recovering from and resisting illnesses, but the research is weak thus far and needs further investigation. 

Finally, there are a range of studies that link music to happiness and pleasure in different ways. Despite the differences in the individual studies, the scientific consensus on the topic is that music does stimulate the same areas of the brain that trigger pleasure in other activities. A range of studies have found that listening to pleasurable music stimulates the mesocorticolimbic system in the brain, which is the same “pleasure center” that is triggered by humor, tasty food, and even cocaine. In this way, you could say that music is like a drug. If music makes you happy, then it might be possible that it is good for your health. 


Payment Plan

Non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to book your spot. The rest of the payment due is by 15th February 2019.

In the event of cancellation your entire payment will be refunded less the $200 deposit if the cancellation is made before February 28th 2019. Payments are non-refundable after this date. 

We can assist you with payment options or if you’d like to pay a deposit and schedule the balance due, please click below to contact us directly and we’ll be happy to coordinate your payment program with you.


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About Organisers

Yin Yoga Teacher


Jana Grossmannova

Jana is a Yin Yoga teacher, Herbal practitioner, Holistic Nutrition/Health coach and Raw food chef. 

My love for yoga began 7 years ago after completing my Hata Yoga Teacher Training in India. Since then, through regular practice, I’ve develop a deep connection and understanding of my body. My studies of nutrition, medicinal herbs and healthy lifestyle have accumulated into my passion of helping others with their journeys of healing. For the last eight years, I have chosen to eat a high-raw, plant-based diet, this has been life changing in many ways but most of all I've had so much fun developing new creative Raw Recipes.  

I have completed a diploma in Medicinal Herbs and Nutrition and have spent countless hours studying and honing my own recipes and medicines that compliment the lifestyle I choose to live and help in the healing journeys of others. For me personally, healing through food has been transformational in more than just a physical sense. It has also just as importantly been a spiritual journey of forgiveness, re connection and presence.

For me, regular Yin Yoga practice is an important aspect of maintaining balance and connection in life. I completed my Yin Yoga Teacher training in November 2017 with Joe Barnett, I continue to be inspired by this practice and would love to share the benefits of it with others.  

I am a grateful for each and every moment in this wondrous journey of life. 



Jules Barber

Jules is a Co-owner of Pure Wellbeing, Massage Practitioner & health & wellbeing Coach, Jules draws on many different modalities including massage, Neuromuscular Therapy and Neurolinguistic Programming to assist and support clients in creating and maintaining optimum health and vitality. Jules teaches massage, relaxation and yoga.